Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Stanford Prison Experiment and LOTF

When people are placed in a hostile environment what happens to them. After reading LOTF and watching the Stanford Prison Experiment it turns out that people become unlike themselves. Doing things that are way out of character and even show hostility towards their peers. In LOTF the boys go on to brutally kill Simon because of the islands effect on their minds. They become less like individuals and more like savages. The same goes for the Stanford Prison Experiment. The experiment was supposed to be peaceful but instead it quickly got out of hand, escalating to hostile behavior to each other. The experiment went so far south that instead of the two weeks the experiment was supposed to take, the experiment was cut short to only six days. Situations like these never bring out the good, but instead bring out the beast in all of them.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mob Mentality in LOTF

There are many examples of mob mentality in LOTF. One example in the novel is in chapter nine, when Simon kicks the bucket with the help of his so called friends. IN chapter nine Ralph and company is invited to a feast hosted by Jack and his new tribe. When things get a little wild people stop thinking as individuals but as a mob, and that's exactly what happens at the feast. Poor Simon has just come from the jungle only to be mistaken for the beast. The group, not thinking straight brutally attacks Simon, killing him.