Thursday, January 28, 2016

Who lives in a pineapple but is slower than me?

Shows today contain characters with multitudes of personalities, and a new trend that occurs in shows include those with disabilities. Whether they are positive or not representations can be argued. But one mentally disabled character stands out to me is a character on the great tv show Spongebob Squarepants. A character by the name of Patrick J. Star. This character is your average slower than usual character. When i mean slow i mean slow. The character himself is obviously an exaggeration of a mentally disabled character. Patrick is well known to be rather stupid, yet through his stupidity he is one of the most loved characters. I personally owe most of my childhood laughter to the guy after all, he’s hilarious. But does his character portray mentally disabled positively. Well both sides could be taken, some might say the over exaggeration of the character is disrespectful to the disabled. But in my professional judgement I believe this is a positive representation. Never in my childhood did I ever look at Patrick in a disabled way. I saw him as one of the happiest guy in all television. Just because he’s different doesn’t mean he can’t be a regular happy guy. Patrick’s personality is one of the biggest reasons I love him, and a reason I wouldn’t change anything about him.

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  1. Ben, you have raised some interesting points. Don't forget to reference the article and the author so the reader knows what prompted you to write this. I think the fact that people laugh at, or find entertainment from, a intellectually challenged individual is problematic and is perhaps not what the article is leaning towards . However, your statement at the end that although you know he is challenged, you find him to be a happy and "endearing" (my word) guy that you can really appreciate makes this post work.