Thursday, September 24, 2015

German life

          Back in days of world war II, life was a confuzzling time for the German children. At home parents told their kids what to believe while at school and the Hitler Youth said otherwise. The Hitler Youth was very fun for all the kids. Though secretly a training camp The Hitler Youth it was seen by many kids as a fun hangout with friends. All the awful hidden Nazi propaganda was still there, but most kids didn't mind and continued to have fun. though the Nazi train of thought stuck with them. The Hitler Youth was secretly brainwashing innocent children to agree with there beliefs. Many parents at home though disagreed with the beliefs of the Nazis. The kids were torn between the fun Hitler Youth and their own parents.Henry Metelmann a child in the time of WWII said, "For me it was all very confusing, everything I heard at home was the opposite of what I heard at school and in the Hitler youth." Many kids like Henry were also confused during this time, as they were torn between the two sides.